Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love In Black & White


Love in Black and White

with you and everyone at


  1. ok, why do these shots make me want to cry? awwww, so sweet. ( :
    great views. keepers for sure.

  2. black and white photos are so much more powerful I think

  3. Those pictures warmed my heart and made me long for the grandchild I will never have. But moving on, for your love of mysteries, you must read this book I just finished. It is called Sister, by Daphne Lupton ( I think that's her last name, I gave the book away already, but you can check it on amazon). It was a page turner with a great twist at the end. I think anyone who loves a good mystery will enjoy this book.

  4. Love it ~! Love it~! Love it~! This is so precious...What a gift teaching a little sign language of LOVE~!
    and it's in Black/WHite:)

  5. Those are just too cute. Love them


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