Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jumping on the Growing Chain

Visiting a lot of my regulars, I noticed that they joined in the fun for the "meet and greet blog party at Vicki's  2 Bags Full.  So...

Get to know me and what makes me tick...
Give the tab, WHO ME, a little click...:)

As you can see I am jumping on the growing chain!


  1. i did not join in because i am not trying to grow my blog, i have been busy down sizing for the past year. i can barely keep up with the blog friends i have now...i am doing something i never did in the past...if i see a blog i like, i view and don't comment and don't follow, just keep up with their photos.

  2. I don't think Sandra meant to be funny in her comment above, but it made me smile...

    Hope you gain many new followers JP -- they will come to love you just as I do. xo

  3. I've noticed quite a few blogs I'm familiar with join in with this event. Perhaps I'll get involved next year. Have fun JP.



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