Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Wear Sunglasses, Do YOU?


Searching through my files for a unique pic to share today with you and those at

I found this.
Taken in Aruba 2013.


  1. yes, i've done so for a few years, now, but went years without them before.

  2. cool shot.. bob wears sunglasses I do not

  3. Nice variety you've shown there. I began wearing sunglasses as a teenager as my eyes have never liked the glare. I had to wear them again when I had my cataracts done but am OK now when outside as I my specs darken in the sunlight so I suppose you could say yes, I do still wear sunglasses.

  4. Oh so very 'Miami vacation'. Hmmm...I HAVE sunglasses. I just never remember to wear them.

  5. Yes, I do wear them because when we do have sun here in the northwest it is brilliant to the point of being blinding -- even when it is only 15 degrees!! Like today!!

  6. my glasses react to sunlight; they will darken to suit the intensity of the sunlight and clear up when i'm indoors; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. haha, what are those strands holding them?

  8. Yes, most every time I go outside, sunny or not. Have done so for many, many years.


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