Friday, December 6, 2013

My First Christmas Card

When I got home from the gym on Wednesday and the Pres got the mail, there it was...our first Christmas card of the season! The Pres knows how much I love to open the cards so he always sets them aside, letting me open them.

The sweet, thoughtful words of the card were nothing compared to her handwritten words...

and the two pictures inside!

There they were...
Reid and Cort on the old tractor
 and Pierce holding his (& my) favorite pony, Harriet!

Thanks, Lisa...:)

Life is good!


  1. awww! i'd miss having them as neighbors if i were you... :)

  2. What fun to get those cards! It is a tradition that i just love. Hard to believe that Christmas is so close!

  3. Love your new header ~ thanks, and great Xmas cards with photos ~ such a gift ~ your are blessed ~ carol, xxx

    Thanks for visiting ~ ^_^

  4. i have gotten 3 so far. i need to get to writing mine. i love Christmas cards. so fun!! ( :

  5. I got my first two in the mail today. Sweet pictures

  6. I'm so glad it arrived safely. And we DO miss you but are happy for you up there :-)

  7. People don't seem to send Christmas cards like they used to. I miss that tradition and it makes the cards we do receive even more precious!

  8. I'm a sentimentalist too for cards, I like to send my hand crafted ones and receive some from friends.
    The inclusion of the photos is touching.

  9. I love receiving the Christmas cards too. The photos are so cute! Have a happy weekend!

  10. you have a kind hubby to save them for you to open.. cute kids, i know you miss them


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