Monday, December 30, 2013

It Came From the North

The sun, setting in the western sky, gently filled the room.  It was a quiet Friday afternoon.  The gifts were all wrapped.  Copper sprawled out on his bed and Moon in hers as I sat on the couch and the Pres, feet up on his hand made camel foot stool, nestled comfortably in his burgundy leather chair.   When suddenly...

and I mean a very loud THUD!

Making us both look at each other in wonder, the loud boom broke the silence.  The Pres said that something had hit the house!

  Immediately going to the slider facing the south side of the house but seeing nothing, the Pres walked toward the front door searching for answers.

Throwing my jacket and boots on (since we were both in slippers) I followed the Pres out onto the front walk.  Nothing.

"Perhaps it was just a large chunk of snow falling from the roof, Honey," I said.  But there was no pile of fallen snow to be found.  Again nothing.

Looking up on the roof facing north, there was our answer.

Something had it the house.  You could see the imprint it left in the snow on the fact, there were two imprints which looked to be about 10-12 inches in diameter.  The first was about one third of the way up the roof; the second a few feet away from the peak.  Yet, nothing was on the ground around the front door or the garden's upper level.

Got any ideas?

to be continued...

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. Possibly a large bird of prey making an unplanned landing?

  2. a squirrel landing on the roof, then jumping back up onto another branch of a tree?

  3. my first thought was Santa

  4. I'm with Delores on this one. Sounds bird of prey-ish to me too.

  5. Hello JP.
    Well , that must have been some loud thud, to take you both outside.
    I think it must have been some animal.
    I dont know what kind of animals you get there in your valley.!
    Now we have to wait until next year to see what it was.
    Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year.. all your dreams come true.
    looking forward to more great posts next year.
    god bless.. val x x x

  6. Not living in your country I couldn't even hazard a guess.

  7. we have had many THUDS on our roof, but they were all avocado falling from the tree. we have had several birds hit our front window and it makes a really loud noise....lucky for them they all survived.

  8. That is pretty big..... Not an animal I don't think


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