Thursday, November 14, 2013

The View from Here

Lately, now that the cooler nights have arrived, this is what the Pres and I see from our great room each evening around 4:30pm.

Although our home is classified as a ranch with a finished basement, the great room is up high enough (1 1/2 stories) to make these spectacular Autumnal skies end each day beautifully.

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  1. what a gorgeous view, a beautiful way to end the day

  2. wow, that first one looks like the woods are on fire. amazing and beautiful

  3. wow, beautiful, great shots.

    We had a cold front come thru our area this week and I got a couple really good sunset pictures too;
    Sunset and Icicles

  4. What an awesome view every evening..... Too early in the evening though...... By 6pm it now feels like its 10pm!!!!
    Rain :)


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