Sunday, November 17, 2013


The other night, I wanted to scoot out the front door and take a picture of another great sunset. After removing the lens cap, I inadvertently hit the shutter button and got this.

Where: home
When: heading out the door
How: by mistake

Sharing another blunder with you and everyone at


  1. How delightful to share your home with you and it looks just so much like....a really great home too. You should make more ooops errors and share them. Sometimes they are so spontaneous that they are better than the original intent.

  2. Sometimes a mistake can turn into a nice little 'slice of life'.

  3. I love this -- says a bit more about you than a sunset -- although I love your sunsets too! :)

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  5. Sometimes good things come from Oopes, and this is a delightful reward

  6. my blunders never look that good

  7. oops looks good.. It looks like a picture that was planned.. Good job~! pat yourself on the back~!~! Did you miss the sunset? There has been some really awesome sunsets this year.. but I liked this one too...Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  8. Sometimes, the best surprises are those that are unplanned as you have shown us, JP.

  9. Everyone needs a quiet spot. I like sitting on my sofa where I can feel the heat from the woodstove, and look out to see the lake beyond. Calm or stormy, it's a relaxing spot. - Margy


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