Monday, November 4, 2013

My NEW Look

It was, once again, that time of the year.  However, the Pres and I had received notification that his insurance changed which meant a change in eye care providers.  Initially I wasn't happy.  I do not like being told what to do, where I have to go, etc.  Hmmm....Does that mean I have a problem with authority?

Anyway, I gave in and went for my routine eye exam.  A minimal change to my scrip is all I needed but since I'd had my eyes dilated, I couldn't see to pick out frames, so I left, scrip in hand.  Once my attitude subsided, I shopped around to pick out frames.

On the recommendation of Beth, a sweet young woman that I absolutely adore, I opted for a more trendy look.

Too bad I'm not good at taking "selfies".  

So what do you think?  They're purple.  But like the commercial, they're purple NOT PURRRRPLE.

Hmmm...Clark Kent's sister or Buddy Holly's sister?  LOL!  

Oh, one more thing.  
The Pres loves the NEW look! 
He called them eggplant. 


  1. I like the pizzazz of eggplant, and they make you shine :)

  2. I think they look fab JP -- great choice!

  3. Classy. Great look.

  4. Not at all like Buddy or Clark. You look fabulous! Glad you found something you like. I always struggle with finding something I really like that looks good, is somewhat modern, and fits well. Not always an easy task, is it?

  5. good choice, and i like your hair...I am going to a meeting today about changes in mediare plans, we are trying to decide which one to go with...

  6. Great new look. Sophisticated with a touch of pizazz! Do you need a new wardrobe to match!?

  7. ha ha. buddy holly's sister made me laugh.

  8. You look great! I have a pair very similar that are pink :-)

  9. I like them and they look very nice on you. I need to get my eyes checked and I'm sure I need new glasses

  10. and purple is my favorite color too, JP.


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