Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mosaic Monday

Looking East, there was moon...watching...waiting for her next victim.
 A chipmunk.

Looking Northeast, I spotted my favorite birdhouse...which I just LOVE!

And looking Southwest as the sun wrapped around the earth, the dense woods came alive with rays of light bouncing off what nature has given me...given us.

Returning to the East, I realized the connection I feel.  Like Moon''s in the air that I breathe. It's what drives me.

Then late this afternoon, looking West, there it was.

One immature eagle riding the thermals.  
It is still here.

Yes, I am grateful for the simple things.


  1. You do have some beautiful colors there now, JP. Even though some of the colors are past peak, we have been enjoying our brief travels through NE.

  2. and Moon is among your things to be grateful for. so beautiful, you live in a beautiful place to enjoy the free things in life.

  3. We must have had similar thoughts today, to honor nature, if you check my blog you will see what I mean. Moon is so pretty and intent on what she is doing. Can she really catch a chipmunk? We had them here for the first time this past summer. And they were quick! And so much fun to watch.

  4. Moon is well camouflaged in your garden...

  5. Gorgeous, forested, fall splendour!

    Poppy (visiting via Mary's)

  6. Moon is a cutie, laying there watching like a guard dog. Lovely Autumn colors around your yard and what a treat to see the eagle soaring above. I enjoyed your simple things and images. Have a happy week!

  7. I do the same thing in our yard JP. Look around and actually see what's going on, enjoy and be grateful for what we have.
    Is that a bashful shot of Moon at the bottom - saying enough of the camera pointing at me?

  8. Moon looks so sweet sitting there. A very lovely part of your landscape :)


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