Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Meeting Blue

On a warm sunny Saturday, I decided to take a ride to a nearby Alpaca Farm.  They were having an open house, an opportunity I'd been waiting for and I wasn't disappointed!


The miniatures were the first group I visited.  Skid-dish at first when I approached, they immediately formed a huddle.  Then as time passed and they became more at ease, they began to wander around their small enclosure nibbling from the hanging hay sacks.

Then I was given a personal tour including the pen where the crias (young offspring) were.  I fell in love with Odie!!  Inquisitive and very vocal, he made my heart just melt!!

Odie and the other Crias

Now this poor gal was sad...sad the entire duration of my visit.  All she did was focus on the barn and moan.  Her baby had just been taken away two days earlier and although I knew she'd get over it, it still broke my heart.  Danny showed such devotion that day.


This female, was born blind and relies totally on her hearing!  She had the most beautiful pale blue eyes you could imagine.  Alpacas are very smart and respond to commands well as my dogs.  

Then there was Betty.  I mean just look at her...a face only a mother (and me) could love!



I'll have to admit the time I spent with the girls was wonderful.  Beside I got to see Mercedes in action.  She is the instigator...there's one in every crowd!

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  1. i wonder how they come up with these names? ( :

  2. They are really cute! But I do feel for the one separated from her little darling.

  3. I love Blue's fuzzy little cute.

  4. Odie looks adorable! I've heard good things about these creatures. Lovely animals. xox

  5. I love each and every one of these, i would so like to be there and visit them... so precious and I did not know they will accept commands... i want one.

  6. when you opened with 'meeting blue' i thought maybe you had been up in NJ to a blogger i follow there whose parents have an open house at their alpaca farm now and then. :)

  7. They really are cuties! I drive past a little farm that has about six of them, and every morning I look for them when I drive by--When they're not out, it's just not the same!

  8. Such adorable and friendly critters!

  9. they are really cute!
    lovely shots!

    have a great day~


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