Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Last Friday, my sister had her second session of chemo. She'd gone for blood-work prior to seeing the doctor that morning and her results were good...really, really good!! HOORAY...:)

Using her car, her pre-arranged ride brought her to and from the hospital without as planned. However, my sister, who is very independent, said it killed her to be chauffeured.  I told her it's about time she was pampered!

The nausea she experienced the first go round never happened with this round!!  This time she received an anti-nausea IV before her first bag.  She was tired and slept a little more this time but did not puke, barf, throw-up...
not once!

Promising me that when she wants me to come back down she will tell me, she will continue to have her chemo sessions at three week intervals seeing her doctor prior to each to ensure her blood values are good.

I am so grateful to her doctor for being so intuitive and for listening to what she experienced after her first session.  It is wonderful to know that there are people out there in the medical profession that listen!  

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  1. ditto on the hooray for the blood work and so very glad to hear no nausea...I love your header, so beautiful

  2. So glad it's going well and HOORAY for the good blood work.

  3. Good that she is doing Progress with the treatment - thinking about you both, praying for her healing!

  4. Oh JP, I'm out of the loop as I've not been keeping up with my blogs lately so I didn't know about your sister. I tried to look back to see what type of cancer she has but I couldn't find it. I hate it so much that anyone has to go through this type of stuff. My cancer isn't back but I have been having some side effects from the anti estrogen medicine I have been taking. I think I finally figured it out though. Prayers for your sister!

  5. So glad the 2nd round is going more smoothly and that her tests showed good results.

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop, JP. xo

  6. Good to hear she is doing better with this round of chemo... we do LOVE our sisters!


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