Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hats Off to My Muse

Nancy, I  just want to THANK YOU for giving us the idea to make these ADORABLE RUSTIC WOODEN PUMPKINS!  Didn't they come out great?

Rummaging through our old pile of scrap wood, the Pres thought I was crazy...nothing new.  But I had a mission and it was going to be completed!  I needed to do something like this to cheer me up and it did.

After we hit the grocery store, the Pres took me to Home Depot where I purchased some spray paint (Nutmeg and Cayenne).  Then I found the perfect stem...a long root...not far from the wood pile and the Pres drilled to holes to size.  

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  1. They look great.


  2. What a great idea! No mess to toss afterwards and you can use them again and again. I will have to post my 2x4 snowmen come Christmas time.

  3. I like them because they are fall decorations and not halloween

  4. I love them. Those are the perfect projects. I like things that can be made without buying much

  5. Very country. And very unique!!!
    Rain :)

  6. Hi dear one,
    I love your Arts & Crafts.
    I love your photos too.
    Thank you for reading and writing
    your heartfelt thoughts in my blogs! Welcome Aboard!

  7. Thank you for your prayers, sweetheart!
    I highly appreciate friendship.

  8. Awww -- they are so cute and you made me smile, dear friend. Glad you had fun creating. xo

  9. Only downer with. These pumpkins is no pies, but then you can re-use them for many years. Thanks for sharing a great and creative project, JP.


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