Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cookies or Cream?

A unique look at my Thomas Jefferson Vine  The wiggly blur to the left is one of the pods which hold seeds that remind me of Oreo cookies!

Have you ever noticed I talk about food A LOT????

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  1. That's pretty.
    Food is high on my list of favorite subjects but I'm not quite as active as you are so it's more of a problem for

  2. i am not seeing it - but i do wish for a oreo now. are you playing mind tricks on me? ha. ha!! ( :

  3. I grew what I think is the same vine a few years ago, hyacinth bean vine.
    It was a beauty but somehow I couldn't get it to the dry seed stage to save seeds.

  4. There's nothing wrong with the food comparison's as long as you aren't saying that it tastes like an Oreo! :-)!!

  5. Beautiful flower....... But I sure don't see anything resembling an Oreo cookie!!


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