Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Six for Five

Reaching into my backpack for my sneakers and a pair of tennis socks while down in Florida, I turned to Sis and said, "remind me to pick up some tennis socks when we're out.  I guess I forgot to put them in the bag."

We hit the local dollar store and I found these.  SIX PAIR FOR $5.00!!!!  When I got home and showed the Pres, he said, "Honey since none of them match, you got more than six pair."

 I love them.  Aren't they too cute?  They fit my personality...bright, crazy and patterned...:)


  1. Fun, adorable, playful--enjoy!!!

  2. awesome colors. i buy my mom socks like this all the time - usually for Christmas.

    i love the wild colors ... send me a few would ya? please. ( :

  3. fun socks and you can't beat the price

  4. fun socks and you can't beat the price

  5. Haha..... I sure can see we have more then I thought in common!!!!
    Fun--Rain :)

  6. If you wear your sock hubby can now find you in the dark ! lol I love them


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