Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Friday

Thank you all for your kinds thoughts and prayers for my Sister.  Your words of hope and encouragement touch my heart more than you know.  She is one tough cookie and if anyone can fight this battle, she can.  She is a strong woman! 

She loves her new microwave that we had delivered to her house.  Hers was on it's last leg with only a few buttons on the keypad working.  When I got home and told the Pres without hesitation, he said, "Order one.  Send it right to the house." 

Sis loved all the food I brought down.  The Pres had suggested that we freeze it, then place it in our big cooler with dry ice.  Everything was still frozen after my road trip and Sis has been savoring and raving about it all!  Although home now, when I return for my next trip, I will fly.

Although I want to be able to talk about her progress, I also know what a private person she is so I will totally respect that.  Sisters are forever friends and nothing is worth endangering that!  

After some VERY frustrating dealings with insurance companies, doctors, and medical facilities, she now has all her ducks in a row.  Reaching out to American Cancer Society and her surgeon, head of the research institute, she is now on track.  Stay strong, Sis...I love YOU...:)


  1. I know she is in good hands with you as her sister to look after her!

  2. what a blessing you both are... glad you have each other.

    enjoy your weekend. ( :

  3. Oh I don't know you or your sister, but I will surely keep her in my thoughts and prayers for what ever battle it is that she is battling!

  4. Thinking of your sister JP.
    nothing better than sisterly love
    She is in my prayers.
    I am pleased that things are on track for her.
    have a good weekend.

  5. Sounds like she's got a cracker jack support team.

  6. Are you helping her to get ready for the surgery?

  7. I wish her the best and I just said a prayer for both of you.

  8. Good for the Pres. I am married to one of those kinds of men!

    Best wishes for your Sis and you.

  9. O My....blessings for ALL of you.
    xo bj

  10. I pray now for her healing and for strength and peace for all of you. the frustrations with healt care are an illness all my themselves...

  11. You know you two will be in my thoughts... xo

  12. Blessings and strong prayers going her way.....
    and to you to..... Very hard to stand by and watch someone you love go through this....
    Peace to you,


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