Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aruba Revisited

This weeks photo challenge was boats. And since I live in the woods on terrain filled with both deciduous and coniferous trees along with thick shrub and brush vegetation and ferns, my only chance at a pic was to look in the archives.

It was well worth the look into the past because I found this one.  Watching the sunset on the beach in Aruba with the Pres, my daughter and Angel along side, I even managed to get a "boat" in!  It was a wonderful evening and seeing the photo made me relive the night all over again!

The pic echoes relaxation, doesn't it?

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  1. That is so beautiful and it brings back precious memories for me too as I did a lot of sailing when I was young. Thank you.

  2. oh yes, it does echo relaxation. I could sit and look at that scene all day

  3. Indeed it does. Keep that beautiful photo close for those times when you need to "get away".

  4. Such a serene scene JP -- is a kayak a boat? You could have also used that as well. Me, us -- a bass boat. :)

  5. Memories relived are always welcome especially one so serene looking, JO

  6. Nice JP........
    Very calming indeed....


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