Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Friday: A New Recipe

1.  A young woman who is in my Tai Chi class told me about this. She was going to give me her "recipe" which she cooks in order to form liquid detergent.

 2.  According to Leigh, it works wonderfully and is very economical to make, so...

3.  I Googled it and found a recipe using the same ingredients Leigh mentioned. As you can see, according to the "net" the cooking process is more laborious. Then reading on, I discovered that the "powder" can be used in HE and front loaders!!!

4.  Yep. I am going to pick up my supplies and give it a try.

5.  A recent article on ways to save money in the home mentioned using dish liquid in place of laundry detergent. Although I'm not sure how effective that would be, I can certainly see the cost savings. According to Leigh, this homemade detergent works well.  I'll let you know...:)

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  1. i have heard of a similar recipe. never made it myself... i have lots of soap ... i use very little for 2 people. it is funny how long it will last if you use only a bit. ( :

  2. That sounds like a good recipe. I might just have to try it. :)

  3. OOoooohhh how I hate to admit ths, but I am just too darned lazy to make my own detergent! I KNOW it's a good thing to do, I DO, but if there is a short cut to something..I'm there! :)

  4. I haven't made laundry soap yet, though I make my own shampoo and other personal care products. I'll have to give this a shot.

  5. I have made the diy laundry detergent but found it didn't clean the iron worker's clothes very well. I wish you good luck with it though!


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