Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Leg?

I wasn't nervous and I wasn't anxious about going even though I hadn't been since last Fall.  It's been far too hot here for me to even entertain the thought of going kayaking although I saw my Wrangler loaded and ready.  When our locals predicted cooler weather I told the Pres, "I'm out of here early tomorrow morning and if I don't come back, that's where I am."  

Gathering up my waterproof sack the morning I was heading out, I dropped in the cell phone, my small camera (no zoomer on this trip), my ID, a bottle of sunscreen, a peach and my peanut butter and honey sandwich, then sealed it.  Collapsible water bottles in one hand and my sak in the other, I climbed into the Jeep and head towards the lake.

It was early and quiet, which is how I like things...not a lot of hustle and bustle...not a lot of folks (other than fisherman) out on the water.  Somehow, this year it seemed easier carrying the kayak down to the water's edge and shoving off was a breeze.  About two thirds of the way across the massive lake, I spotted some ducks and geese and since they were in the direction I was going, I paddled then merely drifted closer so as not to disturb their routine of diving for fish.

Does it look like these geese have only one leg to you?  When I got home and looked at the pix, I noticed it but when you see the picture below, you'll see otherwise!!  It's the same geese!!  I zoomed in at home to take a close look and it sure looks like he's got two.  So for all you bird aficionados out this a regular thing with them...standing on one leg?

Anyway, it was a wonderful morning!  A three hour hiatus away from everyone.  Next time I'm bringing my book.

Just another day in paradise....:)


  1. Thank you for sharing and I was a tad worried about the geese but so glad they are complete after all. It is so interesting to see what people do in other countries. People go kayaking in Australia too but it's something I've had nothing to do with and even when younger I doubt I would have been game to try it. I did do a lot of sailing though so perhaps quite similar.

  2. Hi there - very nice set of picture. I plan to get a sit on canoe for this summer.

    I think that a lot of birds spend time on one leg.

    I you feel like linking you post up to Wild Bird Wednesday feel free to drop over.


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. This looks like a wonderful morning. There's nothing quite so peaceful.

  4. Glad you were finally able to get the kayak out, JP. Getting out early and alone are also what I enjoy.

  5. And now I have Jimmy Buffet in my head lol

  6. yes, ducks and geese will often rest on one leg with the other tucked way up.

  7. A lot of birds stand on one leg when they sleep.
    Love to kayak. A great way to see things and enjoy a place.

  8. I was wondering why we hadn't heard about kayaking this summer. I know you must have had a wonderful time on the lake when you were able to make it.

  9. They do look like they only have one leg. I'm glad they have two, though! Sounds like a wonderful trip out on the water. I've never been kayaking, but it looks like fun.

  10. Love your shots, and can't think of a better way to relax than going out on the kayak

  11. Sounds like you had a perfect 'getaway' morning.

  12. Lovely photos!
    Greetings from RW & SK

  13. Nice photos! I'm learning a lot from my ducks- they are so funny- but so far they haven't stood on one leg- they fall over each other when on two- one would probably be a disaster !!?!! I'm hoing to get my courage up to go kayaking again........ Yes I am.............. :)

  14. I think birds often rest one leg. My parakeet would do thst.


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