Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lennie & Joe's

 A long time favorite place of mine has been Lennie & Joe's Fish Tale ever since I can remember.  I think the first time I ever went there was with some of my fellow Ops Consultants when I worked for the bank.  Once I was introduced to their fried seafood, I was hooked...just like a fish!  Now that we're back in Connecticut, it's only a 45 minute drive so we had suggested that my SIL/BIL meet us there since it was about the same distance for them.

I do know that fried foods are not the best thing in the world for you but exceptions have to be made especially when you've climbed as many mountains, peddled so many hours on ellipticals, walked hours upon end on treadmills and lifted weights. 

However, I did not indulge an ice cream for dessert or any rides after dinner but I did eat my entire scallop platter, leaving about half the french fries!


  1. Treats at favorite eats are always a good thing and well deserved, JP.

  2. No Ice cream?

    And I love your header - not sure when you put it on, but I love it.

  3. you gotta do that every now and then. It's not so bad in moderation

  4. We all have to enjoy a little fried food every now and then.


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