Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's Break Time, Boys

No, I didn't bring it on a fancy plate. Nor did I bring it on my old favorite green, well-worn, wooden serving tray.  I baked it on Wednesday and cut a few slices for them on Thursday morning. Carrying the plastic plate covered with paper towels, I noticed OS trying to peek under the paper towels as I walked closer to the job site.

Shouting to Matt and Ken, "Come on down boys. It's break time...time for a snack. I hope you like it." Giving his face a gentle pat on the cheek, I removed the paper towel only to find his hand was already under the toweling and had latched onto a piece.

They LOVED it!!  It was devoured within minutes (another feel good for me).

Meanwhile, the house is really coming along nicely, don't you think?  The three of them have gotten all this done in less than one month!  

In fact just this week "OS" came by to ask my opinion about color choices for the siding and roof.  First he told me that I have good taste.  Then he told me the colors I selected were his favorites.  Personally I think he likes me to feed his ego too...:)


  1. Are those blueberries?????? Yum!!!

  2. you are SO good to folks you meet - and adopt. :)

  3. That is blueberries!

    Whose house are you building?

  4. May I have a piece too? It looks so delicious. No wonder it was devoured so quickly. I'd also love to know exactly what the ingredients were.

  5. Yum, that looks so good. Too bad the guys ate it all, I want a piece. Right after I have some of that eggplant parmesan of course

  6. that is a lot of work for 3 men. great job and reminds me of the house or barn raising the Amish do


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