Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friends with Dip

We've been going back and forth since yesterday with emails...Chatty Crone  and I.  It began with Google + and ended with Zinfandel and Dip...LOL!  Ironically when I pulled up her post for today, well...if you clicked on her link then you'll read what it's

Thanks for being a pal, Sandie!

No, not the best pic, but I didn't expect it to be after two glasses!  I believe the last thing I said to her was something like,

 "the heck with supper."

Oh, one more thing.
Did I tell you that I do NOT like Google +?
Easy, peasey...
simply depress [DELETE].


  1. (i do not like google+ either! have an account but have not linked it to my blog nor used google+ comments. yuck...)

  2. How about fun eating dip with a little Zinfandel?

  3. The food looks good lol I will have to check the other post to see what this is all about :0

  4. the best part of a chip is the dip

  5. Dip and wine pretty much sounds like the perfect dinner to me...


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