Friday, July 5, 2013

What I Saw

Watching out the kitchen window as I cleaned the fresh strawberries, what I saw brought me back to my banking days and all the efficiency studies we conducted on our respective branches and in the daily tasks we performed.  Such a waste of good energy and time...taking place right before my eyes.  I will try to paint the picture for you.

The Pres continued to cut the fallen tree and it's large branches into manageable chunks while his SIL began to load the small trailer attached to his SUV.  He'd walk to where the pieces of wood were lying on the ground, then carry a few back to the trailer.  Over and over he'd retrace his steps.  

Noticing that the Pres called him over and judging by our SIL's next actions, I believe the Pres suggested that he get our ATV, which has a trailer attached to it, to make things easier.  That way he wouldn't have to carry the pieces of wood to his trailer.  He could haul more at a time.  But...  

Hmmm, I pondered.  Now we're handling the same pieces of wood twice...once loading it into the ATV trailer then again to unload it onto his  trailer...very inefficient.

Why didn't they just unhitch his trailer, attach it to the ATV then once loaded, attach it back to his SUV?

I guess that's how men keep busy!

When the day was done, I asked the Pres why they didn't do what I thought.  His response?

"Good idea.  Maybe next time."


  1. Sometimes it just takes a woman.......

  2. I like the part about watching them work from the window.. that is my kind of work...

  3. I'm all for expending the least amount of energy possible.

  4. Sounds like a great suggestion. Sort of funny when you see someone expending so much energy and not thinking of an easier way!

  5. It drives me nuts at work when I watch people adding wasted steps to a job.
    Gotta learn to work smarter not harder :)


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