Monday, July 29, 2013

Take A Walk on the Wild Side: A Story

It all began on a balmy evening when the Pres and I were down in Florida visiting my mother and father in law about fifteen years ago.   Although Mom's only been gone month, I think she would love me sharing this story with you.  It always made her laugh so hard when we talked about it!  Mom, this one's for you!! 

Each year, Mom and the Chief (the Pres' step dad) would head down to their home in Florida like so many other snowbirds.  They always welcomed any of us "kids" with or without our extended families with open arms.  Occasionally the Pres and I would drive down and stay a few days with them then scoot out to the panhandle to visit my sister before we drove back home.  It was always a nice mid-winter get-away to help carry us through to Spring.

So there we were, enjoying sunny, balmy Florida not far from the west coast hanging out with Mom and the Chief, swimming in their pool, enjoying the warm breezes on the lanai with a tall, hot and spicy Bloody Mary next to us, laughing and talking until dark.  Leaving the boys to sit and watch TV, most of the time Mom and I would go for a walk around the golf course once we'd cleaned up the know, just to chat.

We had made our way around the entire perimeter of the course unscathed.   While we walked she told me how the Chief hit an alligator on the head with one of his clubs one afternoon and how others had sited the same gator frequenting a small pond on the course. "Ma, don't tell me stories like that.  I won't be able to sleep tonight!" I said as she laughed replying, "We're almost home, don't worry."

Suddenly, as we rounded the upper end of the course not far from home, something totally took us by surprise!!

to be continued...


  1. OH.NO. JP.. I am guessing it was another gator.!
    but will see next episode..
    happy Monday
    val xx

  2. You and your cliff hangers....

  3. ah, man!! Don't leave us hanging like that!!!

  4. well a good story so far. can't wait to hear the rest

  5. I am going to jump to the next one!


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