Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Friday

1.  I know it's late but I just jumped on the laptop and wanted to share a few things for Random Friday.

2.  Drum roll pullleeeezzze...I made it through three workouts (although I avoided the chest press and pec machine) this week and two Tai Chi great to feel human again!!!!

3.  Those eagles are still chirping away in the woods and one sailed over the yard yesterday twice then once today, so perhaps the immature isn't flying yet.

4.  The Pres went into Cheshire yesterday to hunt using his crop damage permit and got his first deer of the season!!!

5.  It is so flippin' hot here but they're saying a cool front is expected with tomorrow thunderstorms...pray for relief for all of us dealing with this.


  1. Gosh I am glad your back is better - Kelly is still in a lot of pain here. Have a great weekend. sandie

  2. on the news today it said 47 states were in this heat wave from 90's to 100's... unheard of

  3. Those workouts sound great! I need to get up and moving more myself!

    It's so hot here in Virginia, too. And so humid--that's what gets me, the humidity. Makes me feel like I can't breathe. Thank God for AC!

  4. Come visit us in California -- it's in the 70s. I LOVE your dogs! What a beautiful blog header of their photos!

  5. I too like your header..I hope you get some rain..

  6. Yum on the deer! I don't know what summer venison tastes like but I hope it's good. Kudos to the Pres.

  7. Congrats on making it through the workouts. Must feel great.
    Sounds like venison will be on the menu for a while


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