Friday, July 26, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Holy moose-poops! Is it Friday already? This week has just flown by, between the gym, Tai Chi, visiting family and doing a little baking for the boys. Doesn't that sound fun?

My OS has really made progress on the house down the way and I like to bring snacks a few times a week is I made their favorite oatmeal raisin bars for them on Tuesday and some corn muffins with fresh blueberries yesterday. They loved them!!

The Pres butchered the deer he got last week and it's now sitting in the freezer. He plans on going hunting again the beginning of next week but first we have plans to cut down the second of three trees, a leaner.

I'm feeling a little tired and pooped out today so I'm running behind on blogging...thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

Sitting outside on the deck sipping on a glass of wine,

I am listening to the little red squirrel go on about something...such a chatter box! Thank goodness I don't talk that much...LOL!!!!

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  1. i've had some wine this afternoon, too. your red squirrel is adorable. :)

  2. What a sweet little squirrel, even if he did chatter on and on! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  3. Sounds like life is good, and you're enjoying every minute. Good for you!!

  4. a cute squirrel.
    Sitting out on the deck sipping wine sounds good, wish I had some wine

  5. Adorable little squirrel! And yep.. they're super talkative!

  6. Very cute little guy! Squeeze in some rest between the baking..

  7. Very good picture of the on earth did you get that view?

  8. Aw cute squirrel. Hope you get to relax this weekend.

  9. those little guys can chitter chatter a LOT...

  10. It's hunting season there already? I don't think it's hunting season here until around Thanksgiving. Cute squirrel!

  11. So jealous about the venison -- Shane has been skunked for the last two hunting seasons due to an illness that went around the deer population here. He has two tags for November and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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