Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Today, July 12, is not just any other day.  It is my daughter's birthday.

Sure, we've had our differences over the years like other families but we always held on to our love for each other.

When Bette Midler made released her single, Wind Beneath My Wings, my daughter called me at my office and said, "Mom, have Buzzy turn the radio to 103 and listen...just listen.  This reminds me of you." 

It wasn't the only time I listened to what she said.  I cried...still do.

At her wedding reception, when the DJ announced that the next song was dedicated to the bride's Mom, she and I danced, sang and cried.

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  1. sweet story and I hope she has a wonderful day

  2. are you trying to make us cry? that is super sweet. Happy Birthday to your daughter. hope you get to see her & celebrate on this big day of hers.

    happy weekend. ( :

  3. AWE .. special family times are so wonderful.

  4. What a sweet post!! Happy, happy birthday to your daughter!! :)

  5. precious. happy birthday to your little girl. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter. That Bette Midler song always made me think of my dad

  7. I hope your daughter had a good day. Loved your story.

  8. Oh how sweet and happy birthday to your daughter. sandie


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