Monday, July 15, 2013

Barn Charm # 52

Driving through part of the UConn campus, I've wanted to get this barn ever since we moved back to CT.  This time, I had my little camera with me and the Pres was nice enough to pull over!

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  1. i wonder if it is me (my computer) but that view kind of has a hazy or foggy look to the picture. ( :

    i enjoy the cupola & the silo ... nice!! thank you to Mr. Pres for pullin' over for ya to take this view. ha. ha!!

  2. sure is pretty! love the stone silo and weathervane!

  3. That IS a beauty.

  4. It's a beautiful barn. I'm glad you finally got your shot!

  5. Tat truly is a beautiful barn JP. sandie

  6. That is such a beauty. We don't have barns of that type in Australia and I am always so interested in other parts of this huge world of ours. : ) M

  7. That is a beautiful barn and just look at all that open land around it


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