Saturday, June 15, 2013

Would YOU Take the Job?

Thinking and thinking, wrestling with what to do...even after I'd spoken with Juan, I finally gave in.

I called DEEP, Division of Wildlife on Friday, leaving a message for the Field Agent who returned my call Monday just as I pulled into the gym parking lot.
Sitting in the car listening to the pouring rain pound on the roof, I told her of the behavior I'd observed beginning with last year's sighting, then recapped what had transpired since March.

Listening attentively and answering my periodic questions, she was wonderful assuring me that no one would come to the nest.  As our conversation closed and taking me by surprise, she asked if I would be interested in being her contact for this nest during this season and in years to come. I would report to her the number of fledglings, their behavior, the behavior of the pair as well as future sightings, assuming they return, by making regular weekly visits.

Frantically I jotted notes down in the small journal I keep in the glove compartment. When our conversation was over, I felt relieved. I knew that reporting the eagles was the right thing to do. 

After accepting the task of monitoring this nest, I received several emails from Kate (DEEP, Div of Wildlife), one of which was a ten page document describing in detail the nesting behavior of American Bald Eagles by someone who observed them for eleven years!

Time to dust off the old binoculars, dig out the camo and head into the forest.


  1. there's a task that's right up your alley. You will enjoy this no end.

  2. Thanks for letting us know the cause of your dilemma over wondering if you were doing the "right" thing, JP. I have learned to trust my instincts because whenever I don't is when there's a problem. I know you will fully immerse yourself in this monitoring task and my the things you will learn and share.

  3. Well, you certainly have the cryptic part about the secret agent job description mastered. For I have no idea why monitoring an eagle's nest would pose a dilemma--let alone be offensive to anyone.

  4. That is spectacular ...good for you.

  5. oh how interesting right up your alley.

    Good for you. Your task is done and now your the dooer now of a new asignment.You the Eagle watcher.

    So for sure keep us all updated.

    You have my attention 100%.

    I lived on Eagle Lake road two years ago. And I never seen an eagle.

    So I am all ears and eyes what you say and what you will show us. Cool blog..

  6. What a great opportunity and a way to help. Once again I'm envious.

  7. Good for you!!!! You will enjoy it immensely. And us bird lovers will thank you.

  8. that is the perfect job for you. Very cool

  9. This sounds like a very interesting project. You may have to make room for it in your busy schedule!

  10. What a neat 'job!' How cool that you will be helping to monitor and protect these magnificent birds! :)

  11. In a heartbeat! What a thrill--good for you!!

  12. Wow, what a coincidence!!!! I am heading up the Brown Bird study.....


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