Thursday, June 27, 2013

True Identity

The Pres and I have been watching a little guy for a while lately.  Making us chuckle, these are some of the first pix I got of the little rascal.

We thought he was awfully large for a chipmunk and his tail just seemed too bushy. Being different, he came a favorite of ours.

Adorable, isn't he?  What we couldn't understand was how the dickens he got his plumpness in and out of the feeder!

He selects the largest openings and scoots right in making him safe from everything.  We've now seen him becoming a tad more brazen taunting Moon and the bonehead, Copper.

He sits on this log and just stamps his front feet like he's playing the drums! 

Then he leaps onto the tree...

scurries up...

then down...

then across.

Then one day, the Pres clarified the quandary and said, "Honey, that's not a's a Red Squirrel!"  

Sharing our new favorite with you and


  1. Those hubby's are useful, aren't they?

  2. Not only is he the cutest little chubby thing but he is smart too!

  3. Well, he's really a cutie!! But if he keeps eating like he is, he's going to get stuck in that feeder! :-)

  4. Well isn't he just the cutest little thing. They are fun to watch.

  5. We had a red squirrel last summer. He must have moved to your house because we haven't seen him this year.


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