Monday, June 24, 2013

Barn Charm # 50

Unable to get a better picture from the passenger side of a moving vehicle, I was surprised it came out at all.

Sharing another found in Woodbury, CT with you and everyone at


  1. That is a normal view of the barns I know. Unfinished paint way back in my days.

    I like.

  2. It has a misty dreamy quality about it. Pretty find!

  3. this one reminds me of one I've seen around here.
    I like that nice shady spot off to the right there

  4. Nice. I have always liked New England barns.

  5. You did good! Looks like it was a misty day, which adds to the charm.

  6. Good shot JP. I am surprised we have run into each other photography the same barn or church :)

  7. You have a nice shot considering that you're in a moving car. I'm just nervous about the tree at the right corner of the barn. I think it would only take one heavy storm and it will fall straight to the barn's roof. It's good if the barn is unused, but if it's still in use, the owner will definitely have a great problem.
    #Willene Fagen @


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