Monday, June 17, 2013

Barn Charm # 49

Last week when we were with my son who lives in a town bordering the one in which I was raised, we noticed how much much it's changed. Showing my son some of the places that are memorable to me was kind f fun actually.

Woodbury, CT

He wondered what the big deal about this old place was. When I told him that it meant nothing, he asked, "Then why the picture, Mom?"

The Pres responded before I could...he does that a lot...LOL!!!
"It's for her blog."

Little does he know's for sharing with YOU and everyone at 


  1. That is a great old dairy barn !

  2. Okay - now that is what I call a barn! And the Prez sounds like Rick - the blog - the blog! sandie

  3. so close to the road - what a cool place. love that roof & those windows. ( :

  4. Great photo ~ so much character ~ Love it! happy day ^_^

  5. Wow that's a log barn. I'm thinking big dairy farm?

  6. That is one huge barn! I'm glad you got the photo for us. :)
    I get teased the same way.

  7. Lovely barn! I appreciate you sharing it with us at Barn Charm. Someday maybe your son will realize the beauty in old buildings, and just taking a photo of something that appeals to you.

  8. Kids always have questions for us, which I think is a good thing because it only means that they're becoming interested to something. Anyway, that's one big barn. But I guess this space has been sitting unused for some time based on the condition of the roof and windows; the damage on the structure is apparently and visible. > > Joann Winton @

  9. It’s great that it is still standing. Hopefully, whoever owns it at least maintains it if he’s no longer using it, or maybe offer it to be renovated inside as a hall for gatherings. They can maintain the outward barn look but modernize the inside of it to further accommodate the idea.

    Affordable Roofing Systems

  10. I agree. It looks like a good place to hold large gatherings. And since the barn still looks sturdy, it might only take a few reinforcements and renovation to make it look like the classic barn outside but a great venue on the inside. Why not suggest it to the local officials and turn it into a town project? That would be something.



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