Sunday, June 9, 2013

And There He Was

Taking the back roads to Tai Chi, I pass this wonderful farm several times a week.  Last week, I just had to stop and drool over their horses.  It makes me remember the days of old when I used to ride.

Did you ever notice that some horses are just horses?  You know what I mean, right?

My favorite?

And there he was...

Isn't he magnificent?  Muscular, powerful, not leggy, rich charcoal gray (although he appears brownish in the pic), with that wonderful thick mane!!!  Wonder if he has any Morgan in him?  You don't know how badly I wanted to just jump on him and take him for a spin...:)

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  1. Lovely shots and what a lovely and peaceful setting!

  2. Yes, he is a handsome horse! Love that color! :)

  3. Lovely shots and that grey does look like a real power house.

  4. I love horses and know what you mean about there being one that you're drawn too--I pass a field every day and look for a gorgeous iron gray horse that grazes with a palomino -- it's just not the same if I don't see them!

  5. I love horses too and like you say they are the same but the character of them are different.

    They say.

  6. Great pictures of some beautiful horses.

  7. Alas, horses have never seemed to love me nearly as much as I wanted to love them. For it was almost always great entertainment for everyone else around whenever I got in the saddle. Oh, the job would get done, but it would often be quite an adventure that I really didn't feel like going on at the time.

  8. I am not a horse person but I can appreciate their beauty!

  9. Looks like it would have been a great day for a horseback ride, JP. And, who knows, maybe one day you will meet the owner and get to take a ride...


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