Monday, May 20, 2013

Barn Charm # 46

Since we prefer to take back roads to get here an there, the Pres and I pass this one when we cut through Lebanon. As much as I wanted the pic of the barn, I am very glad the llama remained in alert mode when I took the pic!

Sharing more local countryside with you and those at Barn Charm


  1. The llama is adorable - definitely checking you out!

  2. I so like that tree beside the building. Spring like.Love the color of tree.

  3. Love the composition of this, the old stone wall and the blooming tree! Nice.

  4. A very nice barn and the llama did a good job

  5. I love how the llamas look when on alert! What beautiful stone work in front of the barn. I bet you see a lot of that in your area.

    You would think we would see more of that type of fencing here since the Ozarks is noted for its rocky soil.


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