Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for...

SUNSHINE, which in Aruba, is abundant. After walking on the beach first thing each morning, then visiting the Butterfly Farm to cool down, I return to the resort where I find the Pres, now awake.

Eating breakfast together and sometimes with my daughter and Angel, we the head out to the pool area, placing our towels on our chairs. We bring with us four pool towels, two of which are placed on the turquoise lounge chairs in the SUN and two on chairs in the SHADE under our hut.

Located right near the man-made rock SURROUND, we have the best of both worlds. Each day, several times a day actually, I don my SNORKEL gear and enter the pool waters, telling our friends I am SHARK hunting...LOL!

SHARING yet another relaxing day on the island of Aruba with everyone and the 


  1. Looks wonderful! We might get snow again tomorrow! Eeek!

  2. You really are having a great time in Aruba.
    I opened my pool this weekend.. just need the weather to be a little warmer.. but its wonderful to be able to sit out in the sun.
    happy days JP

  3. That is relaxing indeed. I think I just let out a sigh!

  4. Sunshine and shade, they compliment each other, don't they?

  5. oh sunshine, glorious sunshine, how I miss seeing it :)
    That looks like a little piece of heaven

  6. This looks so wonderful - sunshine, warmth, a book in the shade, maybe. Nice!

  7. Beautiful - I can't wait to get into the pool this summer.

  8. Looks so lovely - Swimming is so relaxing, the surrounding you've had are a dream!


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