Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for...


CACTI are just about everywhere on this small island...all shapes...all sizes.  Although they can be seen nearly at all the resorts, they are the prime vegetation on the Southeast side of the island, which is almost dessert-like. Wild donkeys and goats roam freely, nibbling on the vegetation and climbing the rock and CORAL formations.

The CLIMATE here is arid with a CONSTANT breeze although we have been here when it has rained which was really quite COMICAL. Because Aruba is not far above sea level and because there are no storm drains, the streets flood in a heavy rain. Once, we were at the grocery store when a downpour began. Even the bus came to a complete stand still until the water subsides and the sun helps dry things out! The Pres and I walked through puddles to get to the bus stop in the pouring rain only to sit on the bus until the water receded.

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  1. there's a prickly subject lol.

  2. you are loving there, aren't you? so fun. enjoy those moments. thanks for sharing. ( :

  3. Wow I guess I would never have thought it was so arid there.

  4. i had heard aruba is very arid and not very vegetated. :)

  5. Cacti is a great A to Z topic! Over here on the blog hop--enjoyed your post.

  6. Hope the rain holds off for you this trip, JP.

  7. Very interesting, I too thought all the islands there were real tropical and lush. Hope the connection holds up for you.

  8. I would have never guessed that there would be CACTI on Aruba!!


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