Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happiness Is...

Remember all that white stuff...( I think Mother Nature calls it snow) that we had here? Well, as you can see as of this morning, it is nearly all gone! I have more good news too...

Today, when I was leaving the gym my smartphone told me I had email so when I got to my car, I opened them. To my surprise, I WON THE GIVEAWAY hosted by Nancy over at A Rural Journal!! Yep. how awesome is that??

Can you imagine? The snow is melting. I 've spotted seven Robbins recently, Easter is nearly here as is our vacation! Yes. I am blessed...:)


  1. what did you win? ( :

    Congrats to you!!! happy dance!!

  2. Congratulations....we want pictures.

  3. you're on a roll with the good luck. Have you bought a lottery ticket?


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