Monday, March 25, 2013


It was a chilly day after the last snow.  As the untouched powder adorned the yard beautifully, Moon and Copper were sound asleep on their beds in the house, when I saw the dark mass. 

 Preparing breakfast on the island, the Pres had his back turned toward the kitchen window while I had already quietly slipped away to get "zoomer".  When I returned, the large dark bird was still parading around on top of the stone wall before jumping down to ground level.

Placing my hand on the Pres' shoulder I said, "Honey, turn slowly and look out the window."  A jake, a young male turkey, was leaving footprints in our powder as he pecked away at the bird seed.

Don't you just adore those little tiny hairs on his head?
Kind of goofy...LOL!!

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  1. love it, amazing sight. yes i love the wild hairs...

  2. Looks like a comb over gone bad lol.

  3. Incredible that they came so close! Sweet Pictures, especially the one with the hari tot :)

  4. He does look like he's got a bad hair day going there doesn't he?! :)

  5. Haha - yes - wild turkeys are a bit goofy looking - but rather fun to watch, and amazingly good at flying! Nice shots!

  6. How wonderful to have photo ops coming right to your back yard. Nice shots

  7. Ready for dinner by Thanksgiving? It's OK cause I know you would not let the Pres hunt this little guy...would you?

  8. We have so many turkeys here that I think we should call it "Turkey Hill Farm". You got some great shots of them.

  9. His hair kind of looks like mine!


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