Saturday, March 30, 2013

Already There

 I've been packed for over a week now.  The Pres laughed at me.  He said I was too anxious and that I would probably re-pack my suitcase several times before we leave.

I didn't...not a lot anyway!!

I'm ready.

Aruba, here we come!

Oh, one more thing.  I'm not bringing my laptop.  This time I am traveling light...very light.   

We're flying out of Boston which is a first for us and hooking up with my daughter and and Angel in RI on the way.  Scheduled to arrive in Oranjestad, Aruba around 1 pm, we will pick-up the rental and head directly to the grocery store to stock the frig in our timeshare.  Jennifer and Angel have the suite adjacent to ours.  

  The island is a semi-autonomous part of the kingdom of the Netherlands and it's balmy sunny weather and aquamarine warm waters make it an irresistible vacation spot in the Caribbean. 

I can feel my excitement building...snorkeling, swimming in the pools, daily visits to the Butterfly Farm to see my old friends, walking the beach each morning and re~connecting with our friends from the Netherlands!

See you in a few weeks!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed EASTER!

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  1. have yourself a fabulous time...sun sand and surf...ahhhhh

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy every moment, and will look forward to alot of photos when you get back!

  3. It sounds like heaven. Have a great time.

  4. You'll be gone a few weeks??? WOW...what a great vacation. Have fun!

  5. Have a wonderful time and send some of that warm air in our direction!!

    •✿•♥HAPPY EASTER!!♥•✿•


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