Friday, March 1, 2013

A Perfect Spot

Funny how when you gaze out a window, the slightest movement catches your eye.

Through the fencing something moved.  Seeing it at the base of a rock on the far side of our gravel road, I grabbed my camera.

  Hunting for mice I'm sure, he didn't waste too much time on the ground. 

Within seconds he
 flew to a nearby tree and sat perched...again for mere moments.  

Another Red-tail was in a nearby tree which made me more excited!!

Perhaps they're shopping for the "perfect spot" here in A Quiet Corner!

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  1. You won't be quite as happy if they DO take up residence and start shopping for lunch at your bird feeders.

  2. Sweet little red-shouldered hawk! :)

  3. Great picture.

    Hope you don't have any outside cats. Red Tails love them.

  4. wow, great capture. so glad you saw it. ( :

    icing still around? ha. ha!!

  5. Wow! What luck and great shots too.....

  6. pretty red-shoulder! love when they're deeply orange like that.

  7. Wow! You must've been quick with the camera, great shot! Beautiful hawks!

  8. Fantastic! I just had some little birds catch my eye yesterday but I couldn't get to the camera quick enough. They don't seem to sit still very long like the hawks do. Great pix!

  9. Great shots :) I need to keep my camera handy for unexpected things like that. Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you next Friday!

  10. he looks harmless up there in the tree, though I wouldn't think that if I was a mouse,lol!
    well done on capturing him!

  11. Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #72!

  12. Very good...hawks are hard to get!!


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