Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Warriors Ride Again

Doing laundry the other day, I was interrupted rather abruptly by the Pres.  "Honey, get your camera.  There's something out here you should see."

Grabbing my point and shoot "zoomer" as I've nicknamed it, I was in the dining room and at the slider faster than you could imagine, licking my chops.

When I displayed the pix on my laptop, they reminded me of high school!

I KNOW you want to know WHY...

The team was in a huddle...

the coach was at the head...

they all got together...

And this is what they said.

We're gonna F...I...G...H..T!
We're gonna go team, fight team, win tonight team!

Oh, one more thing.
After watching the team, we went to the nearby market and bought a 16 lb turkey to enjoy with some nice cranberry pecan stuffing this weekend...more of my favorite things!

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  1. Great shots and i certainly remember that cheer. UMMMMM and the cranberry pecan stuffing sounds delicious

  2. Great pictures of the turkeys! We have a flock of 50 or so that hover around the west two lots.
    I never have the camera when I need it.

    Turkey sounds good; we haven't had any since Christmas.

  3. Great pictures.

    If you ate one of those guys, you wouldn't have to buy one in town.

  4. Dear JP:
    This post brought laughter to me. I laughed out loud.. You were so quick with your zoomer.! i love that word.. Your Zoomer, seems to zoom further than my zoomer.. ):
    and to top it all.. what you zoomed into left you with a craving. A christmas dinner all over again.. delicious.
    super ..
    val x

  5. Very cute post! Turkey dinner sounds pretty good to me too! Happy Friday!

  6. Hee hee ~ so were the varsity boys all a bunch of turkeys ;)

  7. Great pictures!! I'm glad you had zoomer close at hand! :)

  8. Were you a Cheerleader by any chance? LOL Great shots. Thanks for sharing. Hailing from Friendship Friday. I'm your latest follower! Hope you find time to stop by & do the same! Have a great weekend!

  9. HA! Classic ending. Found you blog hopping, new fan!

  10. I need a zoomer of course it won't attract turkey's to my back yard but it would be nice. Enjoy that turkey dinner, it sounds good


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