Saturday, February 9, 2013

Charlotte or Nemo?

Yep, it's hard work.

It's still beautiful! 

He plowed.

I shoveled.

The dogs?

They watched!
See Him?

The Path

One More Pic

 Our local channel referred to the blizzard as Charlotte.
TWC kept calling it Nemo.
Whoever she was.
Mother Nature shared her beauty!!


  1. I call it beautiful too, and I call myself jealous! :-)

  2. I'm a little jealous too! We have 63 degrees outside right now with sunny skies! The kids are out riding the go-cart. I want a big deep snow but we keep getting spring like temps that make you think I'll just keep spring around and forget about snow this year. Our local weather is putting up pictures from CT where people opened their doors and the snow is to the top of the doors! I can't imagine having that much snow! Is it cold there?

  3. Seeing all that snow in YOUR yard is very beautiful. Somehow when it falls in my yard it doesn't look quite as

  4. I'm sure this storm will be called many names.

  5. Que de neige !!!
    Belle journée,



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