Monday, December 17, 2012

Mosaic Monday

Bet you wish I was sharing these with you...LOL!

You should see the freezer.
I'm nearly out of room!!

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  1. yummy. where did you get your recipe? let me know when you would be interested in sharing them with me ... & i will be happy to send you my address asap. ha. ha!! ( :

  2. Look so good. Hubs not a big fan of chocochip, so I do oatmeal and sugar cookies. :)

  3. you put a collage in your freezer? just kidding and yes i do wish i had one or two of these

  4. You've been a busy bee but no...I'm glad you have those cookies over there so I can't be tempted.

  5. If you are interested, I can send you an address to where you can store all of your goodies, but I cannot guarantee that you will get back anything more than the containers they were shipped in.

  6. Hi J.P. I am Ginny and thought I would stop by and follow you after reading your interview on Ann's blog. We also have a friend in common, Lisa! I am trying to figure out what state you live in now? We live about an hour and a half from Lisa and are hoping to meet at some point. We are in the Shenandoah Valley at the foot of Skyline Drive. I ADORE your reflection photo below!!!

  7. I am slowly but surely getting rid of the cookies I made and I only did a fraction of what you made


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