Friday, December 28, 2012

A Flick of the Wrist

It was the day before my 65th birthday and as usual I was performing my morning routine while outside with the dogs.  With a shovel full of Moon and Copper's "stuff " (aka poople dooples), I continued my quest for more...LOL!!!...along the perimeter of the yard.

Approaching the fence, I carefully lifted the shovel full up intending for the "stuff" to fly over the fence and land on one of next year's burn piles in our woods.

Perhaps it was because I was wearing mittens.  My hand gripping the stainless handle slipped and not realizing that the shovel turned, I suddenly I found myself dodging a barrage of you know what!!  LOL!!!!!

And all it took was a flick of the wrist and I got...
an early birthday gift!!!

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  1. Who knows...maybe it's good for the complexion.

  2. Nothing like those "early gifts"...
    Enjoy your birthday tomorrow...

  3. Oh, my, that was a nice surprise.

  4. Well, if a bird poops on you it's supposed to be good luck....not sure exactly what the meaning of inflicting the stuff on yourself is, but let's assume it's a good sign!

  5. Yuk!! How many showers did you take?

  6. the joys of being a fur

  7. fun post ~ truly support the common phrase 'sh__ happens ~

    Happy New Year to You ~ A Creative Harbor aka ~ ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  8. haha! sounds like it was a happy one!! ha!
    like someone else said...shit happens! =)

  9. I hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I turned 55 around last Thanksgiving. So, I am getting closer to knowing better.


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