Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding Fall

When I got home from the gym Monday, the Pres had a surprise for me!!  He found Fall...or should I say, the rest of Fall.  You see, we had found a container labelled "Fall" up on the top rack he built to store our seasonal bins.  Yet, as I put the decorations out, I wondered...where was the turkey? ...where were the wooden pumpkins?...where were Mr & Mrs Pilgrim?...where were the dried gourds?...where were the artificial leaves?  Had they gotten thrown out or donated by mistake when we moved?

Well, when I got home, there it was...one big bin...filled with Fall!!!  

There they were...Mr & Mrs Pilgrim, the turkey, the leaves, the pumpkins!!!...:)
So, on Tuesday morning while the Pres slept, that little decorator in me came out and I had a surprise waiting for him!

Fall was here in A Quiet Corner and we would be ready for our company this weekend!
for the food!


  1. What lovely surprises both of you had for each other!

  2. You have an excellent eye for decorating.

  3. Yay, what a great find. I considered new decorations this year but I just dislike boxing them up so I passed and stuck with gourds.

  4. Beautiful decorating, and great interior design! Love your style. Congrats on finding Fall!

  5. I love the simple beauty of your home.

  6. What a beautiful home right out of a decorating magazine.

    Enjoy your company.

  7. Lovely ideas that you have JP.
    Your home looks so inviting all decorated for Autumn.

  8. what a beautiful home you have and I love your decorating style. You look all ready now would you like to come over and take care of my decorating?....lol

  9. You have a beautiful home! Love the autumn in there.


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