Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Best~Our Pine

Our pine is ailing.
I am afraid it is dying.
  While all the other pines have lush green needles, this one does not.
It makes me sad.
  It is about 100' tall. 

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  1. Dear JP.
    I am so sad about your pine tree.
    Here with our Iberian pine trees , there sometimes comes a strange kind of catapilar with prickly skin that kills off the trees.
    This is such a shame... is there no way, that you could cut it and treat possibly might grow back again!
    I hate it when we loose a tree or even a bush.
    sending best wishes
    val xx

  2. we lost so many cedars in texas last year that i just cringe when i drive along the roadways... i hope yours is okay.

  3. Oh no, so sad. Such a big tree.

  4. Maybe with the cooler temps and hopefully more rain it'll perk up??

  5. I do hope your tree makes a comeback. I am always sorry to lose a tree. I wish you a lovely week ahead.

  6. We have lost 2 pine trees this summer thanks to the drought.. Now we have to have someone come and remove those trees. $$$ . Sorry you lost or are losing one of your pine trees.. Because of the drought this year there are lots of trees that are not making it this year. Hope we get more snow than last winter.
    Have a great day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  7. Pines have so many strikes against them it seems -- that pine has been around a long time. We have some Ponderosa Pines that big. Some don't look very good either.


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