Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Best~My Jelly Bean

Cotton Candy
 Meet oldest grand daughter  (11).
I've called her my "Jelly Bean" ever since she was little.
Perhaps I should change her nickname to "Cotton Candy".

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  1. looks like she's blowing out a cloud of cotton candy!

    happy sunday jp!

  2. she is beautiful and that is the biggest cotton candy i have ever seen

  3. Love the angle you took this from. That's one huge cotton candy she's

  4. Yikes that's a huge big pink cloud and lots of sugar.. She is so cute.. Just love our grandchildren and cherish everytime they come for a visit...

  5. That is one mountain of cotton have the dentist on speed dial.

  6. Great shot - that is a lot of cotton candy - your granddaughter is beautiful. I didn't know you had an 11 year old granddaughter - is she in 5 or 6th grade?

  7. haha it's nice girl she will be tired to make this cotton candy !


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