Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Blue, One Brown

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(Thought you could all use some relief from the heat!)


  1. My mind immediately jumped right to the cool snow in the background and it was refreshing moment from the heat down southeast Georgia,want be long now.thanks for sharing this "COOL" photo,and I love the one blue-eyed sweety!

  2. Interesting dog....if you look at its face in halves you have a wolf on one side and a dog on the other. (I know, when you look at this little guy you just see a friend.)

  3. thanks but I'll keep the heat - winters are long enough as it is! The dog however, I'd take - as long as he/she gets a long with cats :)

  4. Very nice, JP. Now how long is it until we get some of that while cooling relief?

  5. It was about 90 here, but I can feel the air is changing -- fall is just around the corner. Pretty puppy!

  6. A fine shot of this pet in an interesting setting.
    Well done.

  7. Love the snow - he looks like he has two different colors of eyes. sandie


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