Monday, August 27, 2012

Mosaic Monday~The Scolding

She did say,"Do not go outside.
  A storm is coming. 
 Stay in the as quiet as a mouse."

She wished she'd listened.

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  1. and i like the mouse tooo and the old glasses

  2. I was immediately drawn to the old spectacles and the black and white vintage photo...meeces are fine so long as they are not running amuck in my house...

  3. That reminds me of my grandmother-- when a storm was approaching we were told to sit very quietly in the middle of the room and that we must not use scissors or turn on anything electric and close the blinds. I kinda might still do some of those things. :) I love the barn in the post below and what a great day you had for meeting folks in the post below that!

  4. uh oh, the old hands on the hips!

    nice mosaic...

  5. I love this mosaic and that little mouse. cute poem too

  6. I'll bet she does! =)

    You asked about Mimosas & are they difficult... I don't remember them being difficult to grow, but they take many years to mature! We had at least 2 in our yard as I was growing up & I remember them finally getting the blooms when I was in my teens, so they're very slow growing trees!

  7. Sweet photos - especially the old eye glasses.

  8. Snug as a bug in a rug waiting for the storm. What a lovely mosaic!

  9. :) I liked your blog from when I first saw the header :))! beautiful little story!

  10. The design of your blogs looks ok but the only problem with it was the text. If someone who had a problem in eyesight, they might get difficulty to read your article.

  11. Cute post and I love the photos! The mouse is adorable. Have a great day!


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