Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Let's Go Out"

he said.  

Let me put on some lipstick at least, was my response.  He wanted to go to the little place where we get pizza rather than ordering it and eating it home.  "It's only a pizza joint" was his response.

Men!  Don't they know that women like to look presentable when we're in public?  When we got there, the place was jammed with only 3 booths open so we quickly seated ourselves and began looking at the menu.  Suddenly our thoughts of pizza quickly turned into:

Fish and Chips for me.  The side of slaw was so big it was served in a salad bowl!!
And it was delicious!

A Pepperoni Cal-zone stuffed beyond belief for the Pres!

And lots of leftovers for another day!


  1. Yum, I love calzones...I need to make them again!

  2. That was definitely worth a splash of lipstick.

  3. JP, those dinner items are two of things we would enjoy as well, especially the calzone. We will be on the lookout for Tony's Pizza on out next CT visit.

  4. Must be nice. When I suggested going out for something nice to eat last week he managed to talk me down to take-out curry. This is NOT what I wanted. (Lipstick or not!)

  5. Love it when there is a meal for tomorrow already cooked :-)

  6. I love calzones, too, maybe as much as pizza :)

  7. and this is the reason i go through the drive through and not OUT, no makeup needed. but this looks worth the makeup and the eating out. yum and love the barn that is somewhere

  8. Made my mouth water just looking at it. I think we're headed to our hometown pizza joint for dinner tonight. Thank you! :)

  9. I love a good pizza but I think I would have gone for the fish and chips too

  10. I totally relate -- half the time, I don't even know where we are going, it's just... get in the truck. :)

  11. That looks just delicious JP.. making my mouth water. We dont get that kind of food here. I have to make it.
    Last night i was just about to turn my oven off, when the electric went off. I had just put a pizza in and thank god it was cooked.. I fumbled around for a candle and ate it in the dark.. it sure was good.
    glad you put some lipstick on.. us gals gota looka nica.
    happy week

  12. Those are the best places--we have several around here that don't look like much on the outside but are always packed.
    Your dinner looks delish!

    BTW I love your header! (I'm visiting from Trish's barn charm.)

  13. yumyum! now i'm even hungrier than i was before i came over here!

  14. That fish and chips is making my mouth water this morning... perhaps I should go eat some breakfast. LOL


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