Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Built a What?

I said, responding to the Pres.

He repeated himself once again.  "A trellis...for the plant you just brought home and planted at the edge of the woods."

Right now (for those of us who live in the present) it is really not that attractive.  We decided that it resembles a baseball scoreboard...LOL!

However, next year (for those of us who think about the future), when we have a lawn, we're hoping the scoreboard will be engulfed and draped in Trumpet and Yellow Jessamine vines transforming it into a very functional TRELLIS!

Dreamers, aren't we?


  1. it may look a little plain now...but the vines of flowers will be smiling when they have something to grab on to...and climb!

  2. And if not, you can start playing baseball in your yard...

  3. If you build it, it will grow..lol.

  4. I love it! Perfect for a nice vigorous grower.

  5. I can hardly wait until next year to see your dream come true :)

  6. I can hardly wait until next year to see your dream come true :)

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  8. makes perfect sense to me. I always think about how it will look after. Hope to see some pics of that trellis next summer :)

  9. Okay I like your dream - I think it will come - dream it and it will come. sandie

  10. In some months JP. It will be thick with creeper.
    I put trellis up about 2 years ago and its taking over now. The hot summer kills them unless i water twice a day. It will look great. I love trellis work
    Happy gardening
    have a great wednesday
    ps..thanks for your lovely comments on my posts.


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